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shot by Ksenia Burnasheva

The ‘LIQUID FIGURES’ collection sees both the devilish characters and the imagined forms in Matilda Little’s paintings tumble off the canvas and out into the three dimensional world. Continually fascinated by the interplay between objects and the figurative in her painting, this free-flowing approach to media is reflected in these beautiful morphing rings, which evoke a sense of motion and playfulness. Pieces such as the Little Devil Ring have been unleashed from their paintings, to run amok amongst their fellow objects.


The jewellery is made using a process called lost wax casting, with pieces first sculpted in wax and then melted away to be replaced by metal. These rings’ almost molten appearance echoes the fluid process by which they are made. The photographer Ksenia Burnasheva took this concept even further, creating coral like sculptures, some of which are wearable, from pouring melted wax into cold water for the shoot.


Given the limitless possibility of movement expressed in these pieces, it felt natural to Matilda and Ksenia that this collection would find its home in the boundless sea, where objects are compacted, suspended, floated, withered, smoothed and tossed.

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