Laundry Mountain

       A project realised as part of an internship in the Creative Lab at Thought Machine, a banking software company carving a new pathway of creative design in FinTech.

The project brief was 'Emotions behind everyday spending', and I used the analogy of the pile of laundry which mounts up at the end of your bed each week. This seemed to describe my feelings towards spending perfectly, and showed that the emotional value of our spending is often not correlated with the monetary costs.

By thinking of spending in such a way, it brings forth a more mindful way of spending on stuff that we love and therefore will be more likely to last longer, less likely to be chucked away.

          So with this in mind, I designed a website and app called Laundry Mountain, with the aim of changing peoples spending habits, by bringing into awareness the environmental cost that each transaction has.



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